What could your organization accomplish if you could peer into the future.  Maximize your effectiveness in minimal time.  Engage your head, heart, and hands in the exercise of growth.  Join us March 3, 2024 for our first quarter roundtable discussion.  

Welcome to Inertia Financial's CEO Network: Empowering Business Leaders

Elevate your business leadership with Inertia Financial’s CEO Network. Join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and gain access to exclusive resources, expert advice, and networking opportunities. Propel your success and stay ahead in your industry with our supportive network.

A CEO network is a group of business leaders who come together to share their experiences, insights, and resources with one another. CEO networks are typically focused on a specific industry or geographic region, and they provide opportunities for CEOs to connect with other CEOs, industry experts, and potential business partners.

Joining a CEO network can provide many benefits for small business owners, such as access to experienced professionals, business growth opportunities, sharing of best practices, access to resources, and increased visibility in their industry. CEO networks can help small business owners gain valuable insights, connections, and resources that can help them grow and succeed in their industry.

To join a CEO network, you can start by researching and identifying CEO networks that are relevant to your industry or geographic location. Many CEO networks have membership requirements, such as a certain level of revenue or number of employees, so be sure to check these requirements before applying for membership. Once you have identified a CEO network that you are interested in joining, you can typically apply for membership online or by contacting the organization directly.

CEO Network

Mindset Matters

Discover the importance of systems and standards as you lead your team to prosper.

Every quarter, Inertia Financial assembles an executive roundtable with CEO’s from around the world. 

Now in its 15th year, the objective of this group is to identify key trends and patterns that make you, as a leader, more influential.  Join us June 2, 2024 for our second quarter roundtable discussion.  

Is change holding you back?

The purpose of this team exercise is to ensure coordination and cooperation.   Learn how to team build as an insider.  Utilize your resources by working efficiently as a team.  Join us September 1, 2024 for our third quarter roundtable discussion.  


Course Correction

Player positioning determines the outcome of a competition.  Is your team situated to win?


Actions Speak Louder!

Join us December 1, 2024 for our fourth quarter round table discussion.  

All for one!

Support from upper management is a huge confidence booster for any aspiring manager.  Arm your team with the diplomacy and confidence to make the right decision under pressure.