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Benefits of an EIN

If your business is big enough to obtain an EIN (employee identification number) it’s big enough to obtain business credit.  At Inertia Financial, we increase the profitability of your company in as little as 90 (ninety) days.  To increase your buying power, call 1 (800) 977-7022.

Fleet Financing

Owning a business can entail a myriad of financial transactions — many of which may require more cash than you have on hand.   Business credit is an awesome alternative to overcome this obstacle.  For information on building corporate credit, please give us a call 1 (800) 977-7022.  

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Ample cash flow is typically a key priority for business owners, regardless of the size of the company. But having a business credit card can make it much more convenient to keep your expenses in check.

Money may not be the solution to every problem in life, but it certainly helps businesses immensely. Having access to sufficient liquid capital lets your company stay flexible in changing market conditions, covering immediate needs and allowing you to make smart investments for the future.

Take your business to the next level by utilizing the resources of Inertia Financial.  Whether it’s entity formation or corporate funding, our team is positioned to help you win.

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